Home Made Plant Pesticide

This is the plant pesticide that I am using for all my plants. We have a lot of plants around our house and also have a lot of indoor plants. Here is my indoor plant collection. Often the plants are affected by many bugs and other insects. We usually don’t like to apply the chemical pesticides, so I tried different homemade remedies, from all of them, this is the best one so far. This nontoxic pesticide is good for different kinds of insects and plant diseases. Every year, especially in winter, our curry leaf plants get affected by spider mites, but after started using this, the plants are doing so well.

In summer, I make a large quantity of this pesticide and use on all my plants, it is little bit of work, but once you see the results, you wouldn’t mind doing this. During winter, I spray this on my indoor plants too, so that spider mites and aphids won’t affect the plants. It can be made using simple ingredients (mint, garlic and green chilies) from the kitchen.

Things You Need

  • Mint ———————- 1 big bunch
  • Whole garlic ——— 4
  • Green chilies ——– about 40
  • Cheese cloth
  • Gloves

How To Make

  • Discard the stem and collect all the mint leaves
  • Crush the garlics (easy to grind)
  • Grind the mint leaves, crushed garlics and the green chilies with a cup of water into a fine mixture using a blender
  • Now heat this mixture in a sauce pan until it boils, then turn off the stove
  • Wait for it to cool down and filter it using a cheese cloth
  • Please use the gloves while squeezing it in the cheese cloth
  • Don’t throw away the residue, you can mix it with water and pour around the plants
  • In winter, I only need small quantity for the indoor plants, so I make it once, freeze it into ice cubes and store in the freezer for future use.

How To Use

  • For the outdoor plants, I mix with water in 1:4 ratio (one part of pesticide and 4 parts of water) and add few drops of liquid dish soap and and a spoon of any cooking oil and shake it well and spray on the plants
  • For our indoor plants, I mix 2 or 3 cubes of frozen pesticide in 100ml of water and add few drops of liquid dish soap, and few drops of cooking oil and shake it well and spray on the plants
  • I usually spray this twice a month, especially for my curry leaves plants

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