Growing Hyacinth Bulbs In Water

This is the first time I tried to grow some spring flower bulbs indoors, like tulips and hyacinth and I am very pleased with the results. The hyacinth bulbs did well in the water and bloomed nicely. I bought the bulbs from a garden store and kept it outside for a month, then first week of November I took a vase and I just added small rocks from the garden. Before adding the rocks, I washed the rocks. I then added the hyacinth bulbs and then added the water up till the bottom of the hyacinth bulbs. After a week it started to root, and after few weeks it started to bloom. I planted five hyacinth bulbs, out of those five, the first and second bloomed pink and the rest came out purple. Our living room filled with the great fragrance of hyacinth. It started to bloom in December still in the middle of February I have the bloom, so I am planning to do next year also! I hope you try this next winter.

Here are the pictures of our hyacinth flowers:


  1. Just rescued a bunch of Hyacinth Bulbs from a nurses desk. Me being the patient needed something to do and gave me reason to get up. Also if the nurse caught me talking to myself I would just say I was talking to the flower. JK… But,first time taking care of these so thanks for the tips and ideas of how to care for it. Wish me luck 🤞


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