How to grow Hyacinth bulbs in water

Last year I had a great success of growing hyacinth bulbs in water, so pleased with that result and this year I am growing lots of hyacinth bulbs in water. Also I got some good deals from Lowes and Menards few days ago, so I placed the bulbs in the water and have been watching it as it grows. Here is the link to last year flowers. Last year got the bulbs in October so I kept them outside for a month, but this year I got them in November, so I directly kept it in water. If someone wants to grow them this year, it is not too late to get the bulbs from the garden stores and grow your own hyacinth flowers. It will be so much fun to watch them grow, because the roots kind of grow every day especially in Minnesota winter times it gives lots of hope and happiness. I will update the progress.

You will need

  • Clear glass vases
  • Small garden rocks
  • Hyacinth bulbs
  • Water

Some Tips

  • Choose large and wide mouth clear glass vases
  • Wash the rocks before using them
  • Fill the rocks for at least 2 inches
  • Place the bulbs on top of the rocks
  • Fill the water above the rocks and bottom of the bulbs just touching the water

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