Our Flowers: Venice Blue Speedwell/Veronica Austriaca

 Veronica austriaca, commonly known as saw-leaved speedwell is a lower growing perennial, best suited for rock garden or for edging perennial borders. This plant shows deep blue flowers in spring over bright green toothy leaves. You can give a good hard trim after the flowering season is over. Plant clumps may be easily divided inContinue reading “Our Flowers: Venice Blue Speedwell/Veronica Austriaca”

Our Flowers: Verbascum/Mullein Plants

I have been thinking of posting about the perennial plants in our garden for a while. Here is the first one from the list. I will be posting other plants in the upcoming posts. If you live in Minnesota and you are a beginner to gardening, these posts may be helpful to determine which plantsContinue reading “Our Flowers: Verbascum/Mullein Plants”


Being one of my favorite perennial flowers in our garden, it blooms from summer to fall. The flowers are a little fragrant and loved by bees and butterflies. These flowers are known to spread out over time and take over nearby spaces as it grows. So, I try to replant the excess plant in otherContinue reading “Phlox”