Dried Apples

Last fall our apple tree was blessed with dozens of apples, so with all the leftovers we couldn’t immediately eat, we took up dehydrating. Dehydrating apples is a good way to store left over apples. Tart and sweet, dry apples– especially honey crisp apples– are really a healthy snack with a really awesome taste. It won’t take long time to do, your only chore is cutting and placing the apples in a dehydrator, just one ingredient– no preservatives so no guilty feeling– you can enjoy eating this sweet treat anytime.

  • Wash the apples first
  • Cut the apples into round slices and remove the cores out of them
  • Arrange them in the dehydrator racks (most dehydrators come with 5 racks)
  • In two days it will be dry and crunchy
  • Keep it in a airtight container
  • Enjoy the dry apples anytime

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