TPI: Spilled Flower Pot

I’ve seen this idea all over Pinterest and I finally decided to give it a try! After everything that I have seen online, I wanted to do some sort of yellow and red flower combination, but I couldn’t quite find the right flowers in those colors. I also initially wanted to have the spilled flower pot as a separate feature in the yard, but instead decided to keep it inside our front garden, because it looked nice next to the wooden wheel and it will look especially nice later in the summer surrounded by sunflowers.

Larger size pots will work well for this project and annual plants like petunias or begonias, but really any plant of your choice should be fine. I arranged this within a large yellow pot. The plants I ended up going with were three differently colored petunias, a dark purple, light purple and white. Having the two purples really adds another layer of dimension to this set up. Petunias are also one of my favorite annual plants because they flower throughout the season, so this arrangement should look gorgeous all summer!

Next year I am thinking of changing the spot and using different kinds of flowers. The spilled flower arrangement is very easy to do, with little creativity and you can make the garden look more beautiful!

I often try many Pinterest ideas so, I might make this a series. Keep an eye out for “Trying Pinterest Ideas” (TPI) in the title of future posts!

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