How To Make a Spilled Flower Decoration Using A Wheelbarrow

We usually make spilled flower pot every year, but this time, in addition to that, we made a wheelbarrow spilled flower pot. Here is the link to our spilled flower pots from past years 2019 ,2020 , 2021 2022 . Making this spilled flower wheelbarrow has been very fun and interesting. To make this display, first thing you need a wheelbarrow, and we had a small old wheelbarrow, and it was not in a good shape, so we spray painted that and now the wheelbarrow is ready to use.

Then choose a place to display the wheelbarrow with spilled flowers. We choose a place in our garden under a maple tree, but you can choose wherever you want, depending on your garden landscape. Then we bought two sets of Impatiens plants from the formers market, they are eight in a pack. Over the months, the flowers fully covered the wheelbarrow and looked so beautiful. Here are the pictures while we were making it.

How it looks the following months

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