Barley Puttu (Steamed Barley Cake)

Barley is one of the super grains used for cooking. We can make a lot of dishes using barley like salad, soup, etc. In India we usually make barley water, one of my favorite drinks. The health benefits of barley are a lot. Puttu is the most common breakfast in our hometown, which is mostly made using rice flour, but it can be made using other flours like wheat, ragi, etc. This time I tried making puttu using barley flour, which came out very well, so I thought of sharing this recipe. It is so simple to make.


  • Barley flour ————————- 1 cup
  • Water ———————————- 1/4 cup
  • Grated coconut —————— 5 tsp
  • Salt ————————————— a pinch

How To Make

  • In a wide bowl add the flour and salt
  • Then add water little by little and mix it
  • It will become like sticky and lumpy balls
  • Now use a mixer/blender to mix it for few seconds
  • Now it will become soft and ready to make the puttu
  • While making puttu don’t press the flour
  • Make it like normal puttu (making puttu link is here)
  • Cook for about six minutes
  • Now the tasty barley puttu is ready to serve
  • It will be best with banana


  • From one cup of flour, you will get four pieces of puttu
  • The proportion of flour and water should be accurate, then only you will get the soft puttu

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