How To Make Spilled Flower Pot Within Another Pot

We love making spilled flower pots in our garden and have been doing it for the past few years. They definitely bring great joy to the entire season. This is a little spin on the spilled flower pot concept to make it more inclusive!

I usually setup the spilled pot in a corner of our garden, but this time I made it little differently. I put the spilled pot inside of a larger pot. It is a good option for people living in apartments or setting up the spilled pot on the ground isn’t always possible. This way the spilled pot is accessible to everyone! Spilled pots are amazingly cute and add a flair to your garden that you can feel proud of every time you look at it.

Small flowers are more suitable for this kind of spilled flower pot. I added lobelia plants, since their flowers are so cute and bright. Tiny varieties of petunia are also a great choice for this kind of spilled flower pot. You can add as many little details as you would like to this creation. I added a little fairy in it at the end, and it looks so beautiful.

Things I Used

  • 6″ tall and 18″ wide pot ——— 1
  • 4″tall and 4″ wide pot ———— 1
  • Lobelia plant pack —————— 4
  • Garden soil

How To Make?

  • Fill the bigger pot with garden soil
  • In one corner of the pot, slightly move the soil and place the smaller pot
  • Arrange the lobelia plants like spilled around the pot
  • If you want, add a fairy or other decorative items as you like


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