Spilled Flower Pot (How To Make Your Own)

Spilled flower pots are a great addition to any kind of garden. In our garden the spilled flower pot is one of my favorite. Every year we change the spot a little bit and choose a different color of flowers. So it will be new for every year. For flowers, my favorite choice is petunia, it has different colors, especially the bold colors. Another reason why I choose petunia is, it will bloom until fall in the Minnesota weather. This time I chose two different shades of petunia. Our spilled flower pot look different throughout the season, because of the background plants as they bloom in different periods. You can see the difference in the pictures below.

Last year we chose to keep it inside the garden area, so we just had to loosen the soil and made it. But this year I chose to spill it over the lawn grass. Removing the grass and filling with garden soil is kind of hard work, so we just covered the grass with landscape fabric and filled soil on top of it. If you are choosing to make it inside the garden area, you don’t have to use the fabric.

Things You Need

  • Wide mouth flower pot
  • Landscape fabric
  • Three sets of eight pack petunia (we used two different shades of pink)
  • Garden soil

How To Make The Spilled Flower Pot

  • Choose a desired location in your yard
  • Place a wide mouth pot on its side
  • If you are making it on the lawn, spread the landscape fabric on the spill area and pin it.
  • Fill halfway through the pot with the garden soil
  • Plant the petunias on the soil and you are done
  • When you finish, it may not look so great, don’t feel bad, it will look great after two weeks (once the plants establish roots and start flowering)

After Few Weeks

Our Cat Enjoys The Spilled Flower Pot

Most of the day time, our cat will be out and he likes to sit and sleep near the spilled pot, while he was sitting, I took these pictures.

Published by Aji

I am from south India, but currently live in Minnesota with my husband, two daughters, and pet cat. I can't wait to share my cooking recipes, knitting projects, and garden photos with all of you!

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