How To Make Spilled Flower Pot Within Another Pot

We love making spilled flower pots in our garden and have been doing it for the past few years. They definitely bring great joy to the entire season. This is a little spin on the spilled flower pot concept to make it more inclusive! I usually setup the spilled pot in a corner of ourContinue reading “How To Make Spilled Flower Pot Within Another Pot”

Spilled Flower Pot (How To Make Your Own)

Spilled flower pots are a great addition to any kind of garden. In our garden the spilled flower pot is one of my favorite. Every year we change the spot a little bit and choose a different color of flowers. So it will be new for every year. For flowers, my favorite choice is petunia,Continue reading “Spilled Flower Pot (How To Make Your Own)”

TPI: Spilled Flower Pot

I’ve seen this idea all over Pinterest and I finally decided to give it a try! After everything that I have seen online, I wanted to do some sort of yellow and red flower combination, but I couldn’t quite find the right flowers in those colors. I also initially wanted to have the spilled flowerContinue reading “TPI: Spilled Flower Pot”