Cooking Tapioca

This is one of my favorite foods. In our hometown tapioca is a very common food, it is a staple food for people working in the farms and it is easily available in the local markets too. We call it as Maracheeni kizhanku and it is called Kappa in Kerala. Mostly we eat the cooked tapioca pieces with fish curry and another common dish is tapioca with coconut seasoning. I like both, they are so good. We make many other different dishes using tapioca too.

In the US, I really miss the fresh tapioca, it is one of the common crops in our hometown and in many houses it is grown in the backyards. Here we usually buy the frozen ones from the Indian grocery stores. Some people may not know how to cook the tapioca, so this post is for them.


  • Frozen tapioca ———— 2 lb
  • Salt to taste

How To Cook

  • Put the tapioca pieces in a 5 quart pot and add water until it covers the tapioca
  • Cook it in medium heat until it boils and continue to cook for few more minutes
  • Now carefully drain the water and add fresh water and boil it again
  • Do the above process one more time
  • Now the tapioca should be cooked well
  • To check if it is cooked well, take a piece of tapioca and press it, if it is soft, it is ready, otherwise cook for some more time
  • In the above process we are draining the water three times, which reduces the starch content of the food
  • After draining third time, add salt and shake it well, so the salt is spread evenly
  • Now it should be ready to serve


  • I used the daily delight brand frozen tapioca slices
  • Anchovy fish curry is a great combination with tapioca
  • Some variety of tapioca cook easily, in that case boiling twice should be good enough


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