Banana Flower (Vazhaipoo) Poriyal/Stir-fry

Banana flower poriyal is a well known South Indian side dish for rice. In our hometown, banana trees grow so abundantly, so we can find banana flowers everywhere! When we moved to Chennai, we actually had to buy the flower; it was so odd to see the flowers being sold in the market, while inContinue reading “Banana Flower (Vazhaipoo) Poriyal/Stir-fry”

Cutlets From Leftover Turkey

I tried to make something spicy from the leftover turkey, since we had a lot of leftover turkey this year. I tried making cutlets, although this is the first time I’ve tried using the leftover turkey to make cutlets, it turned out fantastic, so I wanted to share the recipe here. I wasn’t planning onContinue reading “Cutlets From Leftover Turkey”

Aval/Flattened Rice Upma

This is a tasty and simple breakfast dish, and you can make it fast in the busy mornings. Aval (the flattened rice) is a stomach filling dish. Whenever I make it, I always enjoy eating the crispy peanuts from it and the peanuts give a great taste to the dish. You can use any kindContinue reading “Aval/Flattened Rice Upma”

Steamed Banana cake

This is a very healthy sweet, that we can eat without any guilt and so simple to make. All the ingredients are common items from our kitchen. Try it, you will like it. Ingredients Banana —————————— 3 Sooji/Rava ———————— 1/2 cup Powdered jaggery———— 1/2 cup Grated coconut —————- 2 tsp Crushed cardamom ——— 3 CookingContinue reading “Steamed Banana cake”