How To Make Ajwain Tea

This is an Indian herb and it has lots of medicinal properties. It is called as karpooravalli in Tamil and panikoorka in Malayalam. Ajwain is also known as carom and bishop’s weed. In our hometown people use this leaves as cold and cough remedy, also they use it for making herbal oils. Here in theContinue reading “How To Make Ajwain Tea”

Lamb’s quarter stir fry

Lamb’s quarter is one of the best edible plants, but it is considered as a weed. It grows everywhere around our garden, we used to pull them out along with the other weeds and throw them away. When a friend’s mom visited us, she told that it is edible and very healthy. The other nameContinue reading “Lamb’s quarter stir fry”

Banana Fritters/Vazhakkappam

This is one of the popular evening snacks in our hometown. It can be found everywhere from small to big restaurants, canteens, tea shops and so forth. We used to eat a lot when we were growing up. Here in Minnesota, I make it occasionally at home and my daughters also like it. Ingredients RipeContinue reading “Banana Fritters/Vazhakkappam”