Nutritious Banana Smoothie

Nowadays this is my favorite smoothie. Adding all the good ingredients gives it a great taste. This is a very healthy smoothie and super simple to make. It will be ready in minutes. And it is a very refreshing smoothie too. I am using almond milk, instead of that you can use any kind ofContinue reading “Nutritious Banana Smoothie”

Spiced Buttermilk

Most of you know how good is it to drink buttermilk and its health benefits. But have you ever tasted the spiced buttermilk? If not, try this, surely you will like it. Ingredients Yogurt —————————— 1 cup Water ——————————- 1 cup Green chilies ——————- 2 Ginger ——————————- a small piece Curry leaves ——————— 2 springsContinue reading “Spiced Buttermilk”

Garlic Milk

Garlic milk is one of the healthy drinks, which helps to reduce cough, prevent bloating and lot more. This can be prepared in different ways. Here is the way I generally make and it is very tasty too. Ingredients Garlic cloves ———————— from 2 whole garlic Milk ————————————– 1 cup Water ———————————— 1 cup PalmContinue reading “Garlic Milk”

How To Make Moringa (Drumstick) Water

Moringa water has a lot of health benefits as most of you know. It is a very good remedy for high blood pressure. After drinking this, you will immediately feel very energetic. In our hometown in India, we make it from fresh moringa leaves, but here in Minnesota, that is not always possible. So IContinue reading “How To Make Moringa (Drumstick) Water”