Tempering/Seasoning In My Cooking

Most of the south Indian cooking won’t be complete without tempering. In Tamil, we call this process “thalippu”. The most important ingredients for the tempering are mustard seeds and curry leaves, but the combination will vary depending on the dish. In some curries tempering will be done at the very start of the preparation andContinue reading “Tempering/Seasoning In My Cooking”

Alternate Way Of Storing Parupu Usili Idlies

Sometime ago I posted the recipe of making and storing the paruppu usili idlies. That is working fine, but I found a much better way, which can be used easily. How To Store First make the parupu usili idlies Once they are cooled down, crumble with hands Now store it in a container and keepContinue reading “Alternate Way Of Storing Parupu Usili Idlies”

How Do I Store The Grated Coconut?

While growing up in India, I never thought or heard about freezing the grated coconut, we always use the fresh ones. When we came to the US, the first time we bought the frozen grated coconut, I didn’t like that as it was thick and sticky. Next time I bought the fresh coconut and gratedContinue reading “How Do I Store The Grated Coconut?”

Storing ground mint and cilantro

Ingredients Mint —————————— 2 bunches Cilantro ————————-2 bunches Grated coconut ———— 1/4 cup Green chilies —————– 2 Red chilies ——————— 2 Garlic clove ——————- 4 Split urad dal —————– 2 tsp Cumin seeds —————— 1 tsp Cooking oil ——————— 1 tsp Salt to taste How to make Wash the cilantro and mint Remove the fadedContinue reading “Storing ground mint and cilantro”